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Minimum deposit amount is $50

MultiBank Group's platforms operate during standard interbank forex market trading hours opening at 00:00 GMT+2 time on Monday and closing at 23:59 GMT+2 time on Friday. One of the advantages of these time settings is that the charts on our platforms can be viewed in a standard 5 trading-day week for the most accurate analysis and easier reporting.

MARGIN requirements

Margin trading can be a useful method to boost your equity, enabling you to make profits without having to increase your deposits. Margin trading also comes a risk of you sustaining losses in excess of your deposited funds. Please refer to specific risk warning for each regulated entity during the account opening process.


  • One standard lot = 100,000 units of the base currency

Under leverage rate of 1:100

  • Margin per lot = 1,000 units of the base currency
  • Margin for 1 lot of USDJPY = $1,000
  • Margin for 1 lot of EURUSD= €1,000
  • The currency pair is automatically converted from the base currency to the quote currency at the exchange rate at the exact time when the transaction is recognized.

Margin Calls and Stop Out Levels

MultiBank Group’s trading platforms are set to close open positions when the stop-out level is reached. When the equity in trading account falls below 100% of the required margin you will automatically receive a margin call notification by email. If your equity drops beneath 50% of your margin requirement our systems will start closing your positions. It is your responsibility to have enough funds on your account to fully cover the margin requirement of your open positions.
Please note that the stop out level may vary according to the country of residency. For further information please contact our customer service department.


Restricted by market depth and for risk control, Maximum Lots per Click and Maximum Open Positions are as follows

Leverage Stop-out Level Max. Lots
per Click (XAU)
Max. Lots
per Click (FX)
Max. Lots
per Click (CFDs)
100 50% 10 30 5
200 50% 10 30 5
300 50% 10 30 5
400 50% 10 30 5
500 50% 10 30 5

*“The maximum lots per click and maximum open positions vary according to the country of residency”


Clients shall calculate the account equity when reaching the pending order price, to maintain required real-time margin for the execution of pending orders. While pending orders would be automatically cancelled if the margin level is not enough for the execution of the transaction when the price level has been reached.


Hedging positions (trading long and short on the same instrument) is enabled on MultiBank’s trading platforms. Customers can choose whether to execute a hedged position which reduces the margin requirements.

Holding a hedged position does not lock in the profit/loss or guarantee the equity in the account. Hedged positions will continue to be subject to swap rates.

Open positions on hedged accounts may be closed in the event of spread widening due to thin liquidity and/or when the equity of the account reaches the stop out level.


  • Quotes by MultiBank fluctuate according to the prices of our over 20 bank liquidity providers.
  • In the case of special market conditions (e.g. data, news, market opening and closing hours), there may be a price gap or widening spreads. Orders would be executed in accordance with spreads available at the time.
  • In consideration of possible gaps, Customers should consider to close their positions prior to the weekend.
  • If any disputes shall arise regarding order execution, please feel free to contact our 24-hour online customer service or call our 24-hour hotline, our customer service staff will notify the trading desk in real time. If you are not satisfied with the result, please email our technical department with your account number, order number, result, and your opinion. If you hold an open position, please close the position and appeal based on your trading intention. If the order is retained out of your will, you shall take full responsibility for profit and loss caused due to fluctuations in the market during the complaint period. MultiBank Group reserves the right of final explanation of this statement.
  • If your account has not been trading for three consecutive months, it will be archived as inactive. For inactive accounts, MultiBank Group may charge a monthly maintenance fee of $60 each month.


  • If your account has not been trading for three consecutive months, it will be archived as inactive. For inactive accounts, MultiBank Group may charge a monthly maintenance fee of $60 each month.

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