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Mar 25, 2022





DUBAI, UAE: MultiBank Group has paved its way to become one of the best and largest financial derivatives brokers worldwide, receiving yet another award in the first quarter of 2022 by Global Brands Magazine as the "Best Financial Derivatives Broker" in Asia and Europe.

Since its inception in 2005, MultiBank Group has been recognized by the industry at large for its efforts in providing first-class trading services for some of the best forex traders, offering its clients some of the best forex trading platforms out there. Currently, the leading FX and CFD broker has received the best financial derivatives broker award within MENA, LATAM, Asia and Europe, also gaining a variety of accolades from distinguished financial institutions and top publications, with the latest one being the “Best Financial Derivatives Broker Asia & Europe”.

Since its establishment, MultiBank Group continues to entice recognition amongst the best financial institutions, top media organizations, and respected publications. In 2022 so far alone, the world’s most regulated derivatives broker has already been named as Best Global Broker 2022, Best Financial Derivatives Broker (Asia & Europe) 2022 and Best Crypto Broker (Asia & Europe) 2022, just to name a few.

The Group’s success in 2022 is set to outshine what even looked to be an unbeatable year in 2021. During this time, MultiBank Group won the awards of Best Global Crypto Broker 2021, Best Global Broker 2021, Best Broker MENA 2021, Best Broker Africa 2021, Best Broker LATAM 2021 and Most Trusted Global Broker 2021.

Recognized as one best forex brokers globally, the Group’s recent award of “Best Financial Derivatives Broker Asia & Europe cements this position - pioneering the forex and CFD trading industry through continuous innovation and development.


The Group’s continued year-on-year triumphs are yet another example of MultiBank Group’s leading position within the financial derivatives industry. It’s drive for innovation and visionary business outlook has undoubtedly been a leading factor in the Group’s increased media exposure and award-winning status.

These are the qualities that the company aims to exemplify in the future with some exciting projects ahead – including the launch of its very own cryptocurrency exchange, Multibank io, as part of MultiBank Group. In addition, the Group will be launching its own native cryptocurrency called MBG token, serving as a utility token that ensures interoperability within the entire ecosystem.

In line with the Group’s ethos to “connect the world’s financial markets”, MultiBank Group aims to create the ultimate top tier financial ecosystem for traders through the integration of the traditional financial derivatives markets (Forex and CFDs) and the crypto markets.

Investor protection remains at the top of MultiBank Group’s code. The Group caters to some of the world’s best forex traders seeking additional exposure to the forex and CFD markets, whilst ensuring peace of mind when it comes to fund security. MultiBank Group brings safety into forex and crypto trading by providing tier 1 banking and segregated client accounts.


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Named as one of the 50 Most Influential Figures in Global Financial Markets 2022, the Founder of MultiBank Group, Naser Taher commented on the Group’s success in 2021.

“2021 was a monumental year for MultiBank Group and I am proud of these record-breaking financial figures… These results are a testament to our commitment to providing our valued customers with advanced reliable platforms and first-class customer service provided by our over 600 staff globally.”

“These achievements give us continued motivation to increase our investment into our technology and regulatory infrastructure for the benefit of traders worldwide in general and our valued clients in particular. We have high hopes for the second half 2022 and plan to launch further projects which will fortify our position as the world’s largest financial derivatives and most regulated broker worldwide.” Mr. Naser commented.

Overall, the Group looks forward to continued success into the last quarter of 2022 and beyond!

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