As reported by Handball World News

30th July 2018, Hamburg, Germany—

Just ahead of the upcoming season 2018/2019, the Handball Sport Verein Hamburg announces good news regarding their sponsorships: MultiBank Group will be the new main sponsor of the Bundesliga team.

The start of the new handball season is coming closer and the Handball Sport Verein Hamburg is looking forward to the 2. Handball Bundesliga. By signing the deal with the new main sponsor, the club has taken its next big step: MultiBank Group will be the first international partner for the Handball Sport Verein Hamburg. “We’re very pleased to see, that the perception of us as an attractive sponsorship partner goes far beyond Hamburg and Germany. Furthermore, we’re thrilled to be one of the first strategic stepping stones for the development of MultiBank Group in Germany”, says Sebastian Frecke, Managing Director of the HSM Handball Sport Marketing and Management GmbH.

MultiBank Group was founded in 2005 in California, its headquarter is now located in Hong Kong. Since its foundation, MultiBank Group has evolved to one of the world’s largest providers of online financial derivatives and is also licensed in Germany since 2017. The consecutive next step for MultiBank Group is now the expansion in Germany and the development of their business in Europe’s financial market.

Prestigious banks and large financial institutes from all over the world rely on the award-winning services concerning trading technology, liquid funds and brokerage. MultiBank Group is one of the companies with the strictest regulations in the world of finance. Their international approach is underlined by offices in Sydney, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Vienna, Barcelona, Dubai, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tianjin and Ho Chi Minh City.

The harbor is the linkage between Hamburg and Hong Kong


For MultiBank Group, the collaboration with the Handball Sport Verein Hamburg is a possibility to promote their expansion in Germany alongside a local partner with great ambitions. The decisive factor for the commitment was the close connection of the two port cities Hong Kong and Hamburg, known as the “Gateway to the World”. Hamburg’s men’s team is the first sports sponsorship of the international company.


Therefore, the involvement in Hamburg is particularly special for MultiBank Group: “We are very excited to be the main sponsor of Handball Sport Verein Hamburg. As we have expanded our presence in Germany last year through our new asset management business, we hope to further increase our visibility in the German and DACH regions, and there is no better way to do this than supporting the Handball Sport Verein Hamburg team. I look forward to personally attending some of these home games, and look forward to the exciting partnership ahead“, says Naser Taher, Founder of MultiBank Group. The main sponsor intends to regularly send some of their employees to Hamburg, so they will have the chance to experience the atmosphere at the team’s home games.

Advertising partner on the jersey chest

From now on, the logo of the new main sponsor will be placed prominently on the front part of the jerseys at every game – at home and on the road. Moreover, MultiBank Group will present itself on the 80 meters long advertising board and will have its logo placed on the court of the Sporthalle Hamburg.

Throughout the collaboration, certain mutual marketing activities are going to take place, so that the citizens of Hamburg will get to know the new sponsorship partner of their Handball team.