On Friday evening, MultiBank Group was invited to attend the 9th Annual Le Fonti Awards dinner gala held at the Sheraton Hotel in Hong Kong, where the Group’s Chairman, Naser Taher, was recognized for and awarded the title “CEO of the Year (Financial Services) 2019” for his excellence in leadership in the foreign exchange and financial services sector.
The Le Fonti Awards is one of the world’s leading ceremonies of business awards celebrating corporate excellence in the field of business innovation, technological achievement and leadership, and MultiBank has previously won awards from its affiliate the International Alternative Investment Review (IAIR Review) for Financial Derivatives Broker of the Year (Asia & Europe) 2017, CEO of the Year (Financial Services) (Asia & Europe) 2017, Best Forex Broker Europe 2015 and Best Company for Leadership 2013.
During the award ceremony, winners were announced and invited on stage to receive the trophy. In recognition of Mr. Taher’s achievements, the judge panel stated, “With over 28 years of experience spearheading the financial industry worldwide, Mr. Taher founded MultiBank in 2005 and has since worked tirelessly to shape the Group to what it is today- one of the leading global forex and CFD brokers, which is spread across 15 offices worldwide, managing over 320,000 retail and institutional clients and generating $4.6 billion in daily turnover. Mr. Taher is currently an Honorary Chief Financial Advisor to the Chinese Financial Government.”
After the announcement, Mr. Taher took the stage to share his gratitude, stating, “Thank you very much, and it is such an honor for us to receive this award. I’d like to say, we have worked very hard since 2005 to establish MultiBank Group… and the success of the Group is due to its good employees.” Elaborating further on various projects the Group is undertaking in 2019.