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Ketentuan Perdagangan

Nikmati ketentuan perdagangan terbaik di industri untuk produk seperti forex, logam, saham, indeks, komoditas!

Account Base Currencies
Account Base Currencies


Minimum deposit amount is US$50

MultiBank MT4 platforms do not set up time zone, but apply the "Forex Market Hours”, setting 5:00 pm EST (opening hour) as 0:00 so that the charts can be presented in a standard 5 trading-day week for clients’ easier analysis.



  • One standard lot= 100,000 currency units

Under leverage rate of 1:100:

  • Margin per lot is 1,000 currency units (base currency)
  • Margin Recruitments:
  • Margin for USDJPY: USD1,000
  • Margin for EURUSD and other cross currency pairs: EUR 1,000 (the amount is automatically converted to USD at the exchange rate at the time of transaction)
Stop-out Level
Tingkat berhenti keluar

Platform perdagangan MultiBank diatur untuk secara otomatis menutup posisi terbuka ketika level stop-out tercapai. Untuk semua akun, ketika ekuitas dalam akun trading turun di bawah 50% dari margin yang dibutuhkan, level stop-out akan tercapai, dan MultiBank akan secara otomatis menutup posisi terbuka pada harga pembukaannya, melepaskan dalam urutan margin tertinggi hingga terendah sampai tingkat margin tercapai.

* Ketika pasar mengalami fluktuasi cepat, tidak ada jaminan tentang urutan berhenti keluar. Penyesuaian instan dapat dilakukan oleh MultiBank sesuai dengan situasi pasar instan, klien bertanggung jawab atas risiko yang mungkin timbul daripadanya. MultiBank berhak penjelasan akhir mengenai urutan berhenti keluar.

* Harap dicatat bahwa ketika ada posisi hedging di akun, pelebaran instan spread dapat menyebabkan perubahan ekuitas. Jika yang mengarah ekuitas untuk drop ke negatif, berhenti keluar akan tertarik sebagai hasilnya.

Lot maksimum per klik dan posisi terbuka maksimum
Dibatasi oleh kedalaman pasar dan untuk pengendalian risiko, jumlah maksimum per klik dan posisi terbuka maksimum adalah sebagai berikut
Leverage Tingkat berhenti keluar Jumlah maksimum
per klik (XAU)
Jumlah maksimum
per klik (FX)
Lot maksimum
per klik (CFD)
Posisi terbuka maksimum
(pada semua produk)
100 50% 10 30 5 No limit
200 50% 10 30 5 No limit
300 50% 10 30 5 150
400 50% 10 30 5 80
500 50% 10 30 5 75
Pending Orders

Clients shall calculate the account equity when reaching the pending order price, to maintain required real-time margin for the execution of pending orders. While pending orders would be automatically cancelled if the margin level is not enough for the execution of the transaction when the price level has been reached.

Hedged Positions

Hedged-position function is available on MultiBank’s MT4 trading platforms. Customers can choose whether to open hedged-position function (long/short) when opening accounts which does not use margin.

Please be careful not to hold more than one hedged position at the same time to avoid possible risks. Holding a hedged position does not lock the profit/loss or guarantee the position.

When the spread is widening in particular market situations, hedged positions would affect the account equity. In the case of open positions, it would further affect the rate of equity to margin, which may result in stop out in extreme situation.

For example, for one standard lot of hedged position of EURUSD, 1 point of increase in market spread would result in floating loss of USD10 in account equity.

Possible market conditions where spread widening may occur include: opening hours, closing (interest accrual) hours, news and data hours, holidays, thin market with large market entry, fluctuating market and other special market conditions. In addition, buy and sell orders of the hedged positions are accrued normally. However, MultiBank Group does not recommend hedged positions.

Order Execution
  • Quotes by MultiBank fluctuate with market conditions
  • In the case of special market conditions (e.g. data, news, market opening and closing hours), there may be a gap or widening spreads in the international market. On this occasion, the trading server does not guarantee the executing price. Orders would be executed in accordance with trading conditions or spreads at the time.
  • For positions open during weekends or holidays: after market closure on weekends or holidays, if the exchange rate fluctuates significantly and leaves a gap before the reopening of the market due to news, events or other factors, your orders may not be able to be executed at the pre-set stop loss price. On this occasion, orders would be executed at real-time market price, or stop-out may be executed when margin level is not maintained. In consideration of possible gaps, you need to decide whether to close your position or wait until the market opens again before the market closure.
  • If any disputes shall arise regarding order execution, please feel free to contact our 24-hour online customer service or call our 24-hour hotline, our customer service staff will notify the trading desk in real time. If you are not satisfied with the result, please email our technical department with your account number, order number, result and your opinion. If you hold an open position, please close the position and appeal based on your trading intention. If the order is retained out of your will, you shall take full responsibility for profit and loss caused due to fluctuations in the market during the complaint period. MultiBank Group reserves the right of final explanation of this statement.
  • If your account has not been trading for three consecutive months, it will be archived as inactive. For inactive accounts, MultiBank Group may charge a monthly maintenance fee of $60 each month.


Untuk pertanyaan atau pertanyaan, jangan ragu untuk menghubungi layanan pelanggan multibahasa profesional 24/7 kami.



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