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Free VPS Hosting
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Free VPS Hosting

MultiBank Group offers some of the market’s best free Virtual Private Servers (VPS) online to all its customers, through reliable third-party hosting vendors.

Through the VPS, customers can run their online trading terminals non-stop 24/7 and experience the most stable and reliable trading conditions while trading remotely from any location with convenience.

Free VPS HostingFree VPS Hosting

MultiBank Group’s VPS Hosting

Continue trading even while your PC is switched off
No latency, creating a smooth trading experience
Compatibility with all Operating Systems
Extremely high Data Rate Exchange between remote and main servers
Accessible anytime anywhere, without having to install MT4 trading terminal
Suitable for traders using Expert Advisors

FAQ’s About Free VPS

Why is a forex VPS important?

If you’re a serious trader, you’ll want to maintain an internet connection with the highest stability possible, 24/7. If you lose connectivity, this could lose you money. Through volatile sessions trading FX and other markets, you can’t afford to experience these problems, as even minimal outages can massively impact the profitability of your trades.This is a common issue often reported in countries with poorer infrastructure and regular internet disconnections. So to combat this problem, a forex trading VPS keeps you permanently connected to the internet, ensuring the top trading conditions and enhancing the stability of your internet connection. During volatile trading sessions in the forex markets, you cannot afford to experience these problems, since even small outages can have outsized impacts on the profitability of your trades.

Do I need to install the MT4/MT5 trading terminal?

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