Hong Kong: MultiBank Group, one of the largest online financial derivatives providers worldwide, announces record figures, with Q1-Q3 results being up by 49% YOY. The Group recorded a gross profit of over USD 94 million for the period of January – September 2020 which is a substantial increase from USD 63 million for the same period in 2019.

Impressively, MultiBank Group’s turnover is over USD 2 trillion for Q1-Q3 in 2020, which already exceeds the 2019 annual turnover of USD 1.9 trillion, setting them up for an overall financial record-breaking year. MultiBank Group has continued to see growth across its key metrics year on year which has been underpinned by exceptional performance across its key areas of strategic focus and the dexterity of its technology infrastructure.

Geographically, the Group continues to expand and cater to key markets. Greater China was the largest source of revenue in FY 2019 with a 36% share of total revenue. However, since the relocation of its headquarters to Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates, MultiBank’s regional sources of revenue are increasingly diversified throughout the rest of Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Naser Taher, Founder of MultiBank Group, said:

“It has been an incredible year. We’re extremely motivated by the results thus far and look forward to finishing 2020 in an exceptionally strong position. MultiBank Group continues to deliver on its vision of providing our clients with award-winning technologies and services, being a fully automated exchange platform and global brokerage, and providing highly developed asset management solutions.”

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