, the cryptocurrency exchange arm within the MultiBank Group, proudly announces the attainment of a perfect Security Score from Hacken, a premier blockchain security auditor. This milestone signifies's steadfast dedication to prioritizing the security and safeguarding of user assets within its platform. With an impeccable security rating, traders can engage in transactions with unwavering confidence, knowing their investments are shielded against potential threats. conducted a comprehensive security assessment of its web application, aiming to evaluate its security against best practices and validate its mechanics. Through rigorous research and testing, the results of this assessment revealed's web infrastructure as a highly secure platform, garnering an overall security benchmark of 10 out of 10. The assessment encompassed in-house test cases, manual methodologies, exploitation, and utilization of automated tools.

"Our achievement of a Perfect 10 out of 10 Security Score by Hacken reaffirms our unwavering commitment to furnishing a secure trading environment for our users," stated Zak Taher, CEO at "Recognizing the paramount importance of trust and reliability in the cryptocurrency space, we remain resolute in upholding the highest security standards."

This milestone not only underscores's dedication to security but also highlights its commitment to transparency, integrity, and fostering trust within the community.


Unparalleled Peace of Mind: With, traders can execute transactions with confidence, assured that their assets are fortified against potential threats. This milestone not only showcases our dedication to security but also underscores our commitment to transparency, integrity, and building trust within the community.

Elevated Trading Experience: As continues to prioritize security and innovation, traders can anticipate an unparalleled trading experience characterized by reliability, transparency, and peace of mind.

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