FIX (Financial Information Exchange) API (application programming interface) is an electronic communications protocol for financial information exchange.


Why use FIX API

High-speed connectivity and ultra-low latency execution.

Direct access to deep liquidity pools and competitive pricing.

Trade currency pairs, energies, metals, soft commodities, indices and bonds.

Can be integrated with MT4

Advantages of FIX API

The FIX API is anonymous, finance-oriented, and industry-unified. Traders can maintain full anonymity in their strategy while operating on a connection that is familiar and well-documented.

Faster overall execution speed.

Ability to design a personalized interface.

Ability to use your own software, customized to the trader’s needs.

Opportunity to use various order types such as market or limit.

oneZero Financial FIX API Solutions

The oneZero FIX API is a tried and tested solution and the best fit for any trader looking for the lowest latency between their order, the FIX engine and MultiBank liquidity. This setup is collocated within the Equinix data centres along with MultiBank's existing trading infrastructure.

As Multibank currently pushes over 1,000,000 tickets per day through the oneZero FIX engine, we can personally attest to its performance and stability during all market conditions.

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