As a Trader, Grow Your Wealth through Increased Profits

Become a Signal provider & expand your income stream

We know that consisitently profitable traders are hard to come by. You've spent months and years developing your trading strategies and discipline.

We respect your success, and that’s why we encourage you to join MultiBank Social Trading so your profitable trades can automatically help you generate further income without any additional work.

  • Proffessional global brokerage operating No Dealing Desk(NDD) execution on aggregated executable prices, offering the lowest spreads in the industry
  • Share your trading strategies to our 320,000+ customers and make profits for each additional Investor that copies your trade
  • Unlimited profit potential- the more Investors who copy your trade, the more money you earn!

Multiply your earnings through MultiBank Social Trading and get paid extra for your success every month!

The more Investor who copy your trades, the more money you earn.

How it works
How it works
Investors will browse the leaderboard and select accounts they want to follow. Once they subscribe to the selected accounts, our social trading system will automatically copy the transactions from these subsribed accounts onto their own.
Automatic Payouts To Signal Providers

MultiBank Social Trading provides Signal Providers with a flexible & lucrative payout structure, allowing them to customize the payout amount and interval of their choosing.

Payouts to Signal Providers are calculated based on Percent of Profit arising from the Investor’s account.
Signal Providers can customize the percentage amount & Payout Intervals for each of their Master Accounts in their account panels.
The Payout Intervals can be set to any duration, including daily, weekly or monthly payouts. 
All payouts are completely automated, and issued to Signal Providers at the end of each Payout Interval, depending on previous high-watermark.
Enjoy Financial Freedom with MultiBank Social Trading!

Trading as a Signal Provider is much less risky while significantly more profitable than trading as an individual trader.

This is because when individual traders want trading to be their main source of income, it requires them to undertake much higher risk in order to meet their target profits.

With Signal Providers, they can generate much larger income stream with minimal risk because they can practice conservative trading strategies and simply increase their profit stream through accumulation of a large subscriber base.

Limit your risk as a signal provider
Signal Providers can set daily risk limits to protect themselves and their Investors from losses due to volatile market.
How a daily risk limit works:
  1. The Signal Provider/ Investor can set a daily risk limit on their trading account. The daily risk limit is calculated as a percentage of equity based on equity available at the beginning of the trading day (00:00 server time).
  2. If the Signal Provider/ Investor is losing money and reaches the daily risk limit, all opened positions will be closed by market orders and the account will be turned into read-only mode until the end of that trading day.
How it works

As a Signal Provider on our social trading platform, you have the opportunity to access a large network of Investors who are looking to copy your successful trades. You can now start earning significant income every time a new Investor copies your trades!

The more money they invest, the more money you make.

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