Follow the Success of Professional Traders

Investing Reimagined

With MultiBank Social Trading, subscribe to one or more Signal Provider's Master Accounts and automatically copy their positions onto your account. See how profitable traders open and close their positions and learn from their success. You are in full control of your account and can also make your own trades on it directly.

  • Earn passive income
  • Learn to trade successfully
  • Spot & trade on opportunities

How to Make Money With Social Trading:

There are many ways you can make money through social trading, but here are the 2 most common methods:

  • Follow profitable Signal Providers who perform with consistent returns
  • Create a balanced portfolio of diversified investments to increase profits and minimize risk

Choosing The Right Signal Providers To Follow

Besides checking the profitability of the Signal Provider's trading records, there are several other important indicators that can help Investors analyze which accounts to follow.

Active Account Duration

One important indicator to pay attention to is checking how long the account has been active for, and how long the account has been earning profit. You can find this through the Leaderboard account statistics, where you can see charts and graphs showing the account's entire operational history.

Maximum Drawdown

Another thing to check for is the maximum drawdown on the account in relation to the profit of the account. This allows Investors to determine the aggressiveness of the Signal Provider's strategy.

Other Indicators

There are many other indicators that Investors can watch out for. For example, percentage of profitable trades, percentage of losing trades, Profit Factor, Recovery Factor, etc. If you’d like to learn more about the various indicators, you can find them on our Leaderboard section.


Main Features of Our Social Trading Platform

1) Build a Diversified Investment Portfolio

Investors can choose to subscribe to signals from as many Signal Providers as they desire. This is different from the MQL4 platform, where each Investor can only subscribe to signals of one Signal Provider.

2) Complete Control Over Your Trading Account

Investors can subscribe/ unsubscribe from signals at any time, open/ close Master Account positions they copy as they want, and can also make personal trades on their Investor’s Account.

Social Trading
3 Ways For Investors To Copy Trades
Investors can choose from one of the following methods when copying trades of each Signal Provider:

Default Copy Ratio

Automatically copy Signal Providers’ transactions to the Investor’s trading account proportionally.

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Manual Copy Ratio

Manually set the ratio of Signal Providers’ volume to copy.

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Minimum Trade Copy

If the position from the Signal Provider is less than the minimum position size set by the Investor, the system will copy the minimum position value set by the Investor.
*The minimum position applicable to trade is 0.01 on currencies.


Investors can set a risk limit on their investment account. Once the risk limit is reached, all positions will be closed and the account will be unsubscribed from the Master Account.

This is a great tool for Investors who do not have the time to monitor their accounts in real-time.

How it works
Check out our top performing Signal Providers and see how you can make money by following their success
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