MultiBank Global Demo Trading Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. By participating in the Global Demo Trading Competition, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions as well as to the MultiBank Group Trading Terms and Conditions.
  2. For participating in the Global Demo Trading Competition, you must register for the contest by providing the details requested (first & last name, telephone, email, country & nickname) and be over 18 years old. All details provided during the registration process should be correct (i.e. full name details to match the proof of identity, proof of residence to match the country of residence, etc.) otherwise the participant/winner will be disqualified from the Demo Trading Competition.
  3. The Global Demo Trading Competition is available to new clients only. MultiBank Group employees, existing Clients, and Partners are not eligible to participate in the Demo Trading Competition.
  4. Any person who has previously participated in any previous Competitions will not be eligible to participate in the current Global Demo Trading Competition and will be automatically disqualified from the contest.
  5. Upon completing the Global Demo Trading Competition registration form, MultiBank Group Demo Trading platform will be sent to your registered email address with your unique credentials. The Demo account will be held in USD and each participant will obtain up to US$100,000 virtual money to be used for the contest. Each participant in the Demo Trading Competition will have to register only one time. If the participant accidentally registers for multiple accounts, the first account they registered will be used for trading and the other accounts will be closed and invalidated.
  6. A participant can be disqualified from the Global Demo Trading Competition in case he/she meets any but not limited to the following factors:
    • A participant used fake details during the registration in the Global Demo Trading Competition.
    • A participant has more than one Demo Trading Competition account.
    • Two or more participants are using the same IP address.
    • Participants hedging between different accounts in the Competition.
    • A participant is using an additional plug-in or expert advisor or scripts or scalping and/or hedging internally between different Demo Trading accounts used in the Global Demo Trading Competition.
    • In case a person uses dynamic IP address, in which the IP address changes instantly during the time the client is connected to the internet, then he will be exposed to be disqualified from the Demo Trading Competition, even though he is entitled to a Prize.
  7. Details of the registration and completion dates can be found below:
    Registration & Competition Dates Start from: End on:
    Registration Period 17 th of February 2021 20thth of April 2021
    Competition Period 5 th of April 2021 30th of April2021
    • MultiBank Group will accept only the participants that have registered for the Global Demo Trading Competition during the above-mentioned dates, both inclusive.
    • At the end of the Demo Trading Competition, MultiBank Group will automatically close any running/open trades at the last quoted price of the MultiBank Group MT4 trading platform.
  8. All participants will be competing using similar demo accounts of the same characteristics and trading conditions.
  9. Participants will be competing using ECN Pro Account and Leverage up to 500:1
  10. . The Demo Trading Competition winners will be determined according to the Percentage in Profit to the initial deposit (US$100,000 as Virtual Currency) which will be calculated according to the below formula subject to meeting the minimum Trading Requirement of 1,000 lots round trip.
    Percentage of Profit = (Total Net Profit / Initial Deposit) x 100
  11. Demo Trading Competition Structure and Award Prizes are set as below:
    Registration & Competition Dates Start from:
    1st CASH PRIZE: US$10,000 in BTC value*
    2nd CASH PRIZE: US$3,000 in BTC value *
    3 rd CASH PRIZE: US$2,000 in BTC value*
  12. To qualify for the cash prizes a winner will have to:
    • Sign up for an account with
    • Get fully verified with by passing the full KYC process and getting approved for Cryptocurrency and FIAT deposits and withdrawal account. This can be done by supplying a valid Government Approved Identity Document, such as a valid Passport, Driving License or National ID and passing Proof of Address check.
    • The full details provided during the Demo Trading Competition registration should match and be identical to the details in the documentation provided during the KYC process with
    • The prize will be provided in BTC and transferred to the winners Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet with
    • The prize will be provided in BTC Value. The BTC value will be determined at the time of transferring the award to the winner’s wallet using live BTC/USD price feed. For example, if the price of 1 BTC is $10,000 at the time of transferring the awarded amount to the winner. Therefore, the winner shall receive 1 BTC in his digital wallet.
    • The winner must provide the credentials were initially sent by MultiBank Group to the contest participant at the time of their registration for the Demo Trading Competition account by sending these details to MultiBank Group to [email protected]
  13. The participant acknowledges and authorizes MultiBank Group to announce the daily results of the Demo Trading Competition at its Website and Social Media pages including each participant’s nickname.
  14. . MultiBank Group will announce the winners at the end of the Demo Trading Competition; the venue of the announcement will be MultiBank Group website/Social Media Pages.
  15. By winning a Demo Trading Competition prize, the winners accept that will participate in various promotional events that will be publicly announced in various venues including MultiBank Group site. Promotional events include but are not limited to interviews, photos, listing announcements of their full names, nicknames, country of origin, prizes received, etc.
  16. In case of refusal by the winner of not participating in promotional events then MultiBank Group has the right to disqualify the winner and give the prize to the next place participant.
  17. Winners who are awarded with prizes are not allowed to request to credit such prize to a different trading account holder but instead should be in the name of the participants.
  18. . For winners to be able to receive the Demo Trading Competition prize will need to meet all requirements set in these terms and conditions.
  19. If MultiBank Group suspects that a participant has abused/manipulated or attempted to abuse/manipulate this Demo Trading Competition or otherwise acted with a lack of good faith towards us, then MultiBank Group reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny, withhold or withdraw from that user the award received or promotion and if necessary to cancel any terms and conditions with respect to that participant, either temporarily or permanently, or terminate that participant’s/client’s/user's access to the service and/or block that user's Account. MultiBank Group reserves the right to modify, change or terminate.
  20. If MultiBank Group suspects that a participant has abused the fair rules of the Demo Trading Competition by hedging his positions internally (using other trading accounts held with MultiBank Group) or externally (using other trading accounts held with other brokers) or has used any additional plug-ins (i.e. expert advisors) then MultiBank Group reserves Copyright © 2020 MultiBankFX. All Rights Reserved the right to immediate disqualify the participant/client from the Demo Trading Competition without the consent of the Client.
  21. . These Terms & Conditions are made in English. Any other language translation is provided as a convenience only. In the case of any inconsistency or discrepancy between original English texts and their translation into any other language, as the case may be, the original version in English shall prevail.
  22. The Demo Trading Competition terms and conditions are dated 3 Feb 2021.
Copyright © 2020 MultiBankFX. All Rights Reserved
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