Innovation and Disruption Leaders by CBS News presents a documentary on MultiBank Group and the crucial roles performed by Board of Directors led by Founder Naser Taher. Their remarkable journey has placed MultiBank Group at the forefront of the industry, becoming a leading online financial derivatives institution.

Founder and founder Naser Taher describes MultiBank Group's journey since its establishment in California in 2005, to becoming one of the world’s largest providers of brokerage services, unparalleled financial products and cutting-edge technology, servicing over 1 million clients in 190 countries. The financial giant relocated its headquarters to Dubai in 2022, aligning with ambitious plans of empowering participants across the global financial marketplace. With the latest technology, MultiBank Group aims to provide a multi-asset platform and financial ecosystem, combining traditional finance with advanced technologies including blockchain, AI and machine learning.

The documentary showcases the company's trajectory, from its origins to its current status as a global financial leader, featuring insights from key employees. Marc Aspinall, MultiBank Group CCO, focuses on trust, with the company’s vision to create greater transparency and openness in the financial markets. Simultaneously, Yazan Shakfeh, Head of Marketing, highlights the commitment to elevating industry standards through regulations, promoting accountability, and supporting customers to successfully navigate this time of unparalleled change.

In the CBS Documentary, CEO Yahya Taher emphasizes MultiBank Group's impressive financials, boasting a paid-up capital of over $322 million. This strong balance sheet reinforces MultiBank Group's position as one of the industry's safest and strongest companies, catering over 1 million clients worldwide.

Christina Chakar, Operations Manager and Danny Salman, Senior Market Analyst, also spoke about MultiBank Group’s core values and strong reputation. They highlighted the company’s strong emphasis on ethical conduct and transparency in all business dealings, while continuously encouraging new ideas to enhance its products and services. COO Zak Taher introduces the cryptocurrency arm of MultiBank Group. Aiming to bridge the gap between regulations and security in the crypto market, is a comprehensive crypto and blockchain ecosystem that offers unique tokenized and deliverable products. Zak's vision extends to the potential for horizontal and vertical growth through blockchain technology.

Looking ahead, the company recognizes a transformative shift, viewing digital assets as a pillar stone of the future. Through its investment in technology, MultiBank Group is committed to further expansion, protecting its position as the largest and most regulated financial derivatives institution worldwide.


MultiBank Group, est. 2005 in California, boasts a daily trading volume of over $12.1 billion and services over 1 million customers worldwide. MultiBank Group provides award-winning platforms and leverage on products including Forex, Metals, Shares, Commodities, Indices and Digital Assets. For more information, please visit