Frequently Asked Questions
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How Do I Become a Signal Provider?
  1. Open a live Account HERE
  2. Fund your account
  3. Go to
  4. Login with credentials that you recevied via email at step 2
  5. Click the button "Create a Master Account"
How Do I Become an Investor?
  1. Open a live Account HERE
  2. Fund your account
  3. Go to
  4. Click the button "Create an Investment Account"
  5. Login with credentials that you recevied via email at step 2
  6. Go to Leaderboard
  7. Choose a Signal Provider that you want to copy
  8. Click "Subscribe"
How Do I Change My Account Name?
  1. Login to
  2. Click on your Investment Account or Master Account
  3. Go to the Settings tab
  4. Click "Change Name"
How Do I Unsubscribe from a Master Account?
  1. Login to
  2. Click on your Investment Account
  3. Go to "My Subscriptions" tab
  4. Click "Unsubscribe" button
After you unsubscribe, you will no longer copy any new trades of the Master Account you were subscribed to
Who Are Signal Providers?
Signal Providers are experienced traders who share their trading operations, thereby allowing Investors to copy the trading activities of these Signal Providers into their own trading account. Signal Providers trade with real money in their Master Accounts, and all our Signal Providers’ Master Accounts are aggregated and ranked by order of best performance and are displayed in the Leaderboard section of our Social Trading page. On the Leaderboard, all Signal Providers’ trading history and detailed performance statistics will be displayed publicly so as to allow Investors to pick and choose various Signal Providers they’d like to copy, based on their individual investment objectives.
Does the Leaderboard Display Real-Time Information?
MultiBank Group guarantees that all Master Accounts displayed on the Leaderboard are traded in real-time with real money using live trading account and not demo accounts. All statistics and data displayed on the Leaderboard are complete, accurate and up to date.
What do I Need to Start Copy Trading?
It’s very easy to become and Investor and start copy trading. All you need to do is open a live account with MultiBank FX International Corporation (BVI). Once your account has been opened, deposit funds into your account. Then open an Investment Account on our Social Trading ( From there, choose the Signal Providers you’d like to copy trades from, and simply click the “Subscribe” button.
Can I Copy from Multiple Signal Providers?
Yes, as an Investor, you can copy from as many Signal Providers as you like at the same time. There is no cap on the maximum number of Master Accounts an Investor can subscribe to.
Investors can also customize the how they copy the trades of various Master Accounts by assigning specific ratios to each Master Account they subscribe to:
  • Copy trades in proportion to the equity of each Master Account.
    For example, if an Investor has $1,000 in their trading account and a Signal Provider has $100,000 in their account, if the Signal Provider trades 5 lots, the Investor will trade a proportional 0.05 lots, calculated based on the ratio between the Investor’s equity and Signal Provider’s equity.
  • Copy trades by setting a specific ratio for each Master Account.
What are the Fees Charged to Investors for Copy Trading?
Signal Providers will set their own Payout amount & Payout Interval. Before you subscribe to a Signal Provider and start copying their trades, please check their Fee Structure accordingly. In terms of the Payout Interval, this can be set to anything from daily, weekly or monthly payouts. At the end of each Payout Interval, the profits generated on the Investor’s Account from copying the strategies of a specific Signal Provider will be automatically split between the Investor and Signal Provider based on a higher watermark.
How Much Can I Make as a Signal Provider?
Payouts to Signal Providers are calculated based on percentage of profit arising from the Investor’s account, dependant on Payout Interval and in consideration of previously paid out amount based on high watermark.
As a Signal Provider, Can I Customize My Payout Structure?
Yes, Signal Providers can set their own Payout structure as they see fit. Signal Providers can personally set the amount and interval of payments for each of their Master Account. Payout Intervals can be set to daily, weekly or monthly Payouts. Payout amount can also be set in proportion to the Investor’s account size. For example, if an Investor has an account with less than $1,000, the Signal Providers can set the Payout amount to be 30% of their profits. If the investor has an account with between $1,000- $10,000, the Signal Provider can set the Payout amount to be 20% of their profits, and so on.
Are the Payouts Made Automatically?
Yes, all Payouts to Signal Providers are completely automated and are set based on the Payout Methods of their choice. Signal Providers can personally set the sizes and periods of payments for each of their Master Account.
As an Investor, How Do I Make Money with Social Trading?
There are many ways you can make money through MultiBank Group Social Trading, but here are the two most common ways:
  1. Copy the trades of the most profitable Signal Providers who perform with consistent returns and start automating your income
  2. Create a balanced portfolio of diversified investments to increase stability of investments and minimize risk
How Do I Choose Which Signal Providers to Follow?
There are several important indicators that can help Investors analyze which accounts to follow.
Profitability: The first common indicator to check would be Profitability. Review the Signal Provider’s past trading records and assess their profitability based on past performance.
Active Account Duration: One important indicator to pay attention to is checking the how long the account has been active for, and how long the account has been earning profits. You can find this through the Leaderboard account statistics, where you can see charts and graphs showing the account’s activity & entire history.
Maximum Drawdown: Another thing to check for is the maximum drawdown on the account in relation to the profit of the account. This allows Investors to determine the aggressiveness of the Signal Provider’s strategy.
Other Indicators: There are many other indicators that Investors can watch out for. For example, percentage of profitable trades, percentage of losing trades, Profit Factor, Recovery Factor, etc. If you’d like to learn more about the various indicators, you can find them here:

Follow the Success of Professional Traders

Investing Reimagined

With MultiBank Group Social Trading, subscribe to one or more Signal Provider's Master Accounts and automatically copy their positions onto your account. See how profitable traders open and close their positions and learn from their success. You are in full control of your account and can also make your own trades on it directly.

  • Earn passive income
  • Learn to trade successfully
  • Spot & trade on opportunities
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