As reported by Capital Finance International--

In April 2018, MultiBank Group was named “Best Forex ECN Platform Europe & Asia 2018” by Capital Finance International, a leading financial journal and an online resource reporting on global economics, business and finance.

In reference to MultiBank’s award, the following statement was made by Capital Finance International’s Judges’ Report:

“Its platforms execute trades with a notional turnover exceeding $4.3bn per day in forex and derivatives transactions for well over 280,000 clients in 90 countries. Since its foundation in 2005, MultiBank Group has grown into one of the world’s largest trading groups with a paid-up capital of over $300m. MultiBank was set up in California but now boasts a global footprint with offices in Europe, Australia, and Asia. It is regulated by the national market authorities of Germany and Australia, amongst others.

MultiBank is recognized as an early adopter of new technologies, including the electronic communication networks (ECNs) that instantly link smaller market participants with tier-1 liquidity providers via an ECN broker. The technology is set to dramatically change forex and derivatives trading, substantially increasing overall market dynamics.

MultiBank has fully embraced electronic exchange technology as a driver of the industry’s future. By staying at the forefront of developments, the company has earned the trust of large banks and non-bank financial services providers that now use trading platforms developed in-house by MultiBank as well as its peerless brokerages services.

The judging panel has followed MultiBank for a number of years and has watched – and admired – the company’s steady progress as it broached new markets, expanded its products and services, and pushed innovation ahead of its peers. The judges are pleased to offer MultiBank Group, a repeat winner, the 2018 Best Forex ECN Platform Europe and Asia Award.”