After an exciting 4 weeks of following participants’ trades and strategies, MultiBank’s Forex Trading Contest concluded in mid-January 2019.

Today we are pleased to announce the 3 winners from the month-long competition.

The first place prize was won by Mr. Palash Chandra Das from Bangladesh, taking home the $10,000 live trading account. During the course of the competition he managed to achieve an incredible 1,917% gain in equity, ending with USD 2,1016,737 in his account. Congratulations Mr. Das.

Coming in second is Mr. Daniel Américo Villca Torrico from Bolivia, who managed an impressive 1,441% gain in equity, and who has won the $3,000 live trading account. Finally, in third place we have Mr. Wang Lin from China, who managed 1,307% gain in equity, taking home the $2,000 live trading account.

Congratulations to all the winners, and we would like to thank all the participants who joined us in the MultiBank Forex Trading Contest in the past month! Please stay tuned on our website for new upcoming activities.

1st Place- Mr. Palash Chandra Das

2nd Place- Mr. Daniel Américo Villca Torrico

3rd Place- Mr. Wang Lin

Thank you again for participating in MultiBank Forex Trading Contest, and we wish you all the best in future trading!

Kind Regards,

MultiBank Group