Risk Warning

Dear Customer

Multibank Jordan is not legally responsible for any damages pecuniary or non-pecuniary that result from any kind of arrangements, agreements (Verbal or written), promises, covenants, and undertakings with Multibank employees, directors, agents, managers, staff, associates, affiliates and related parties outside the framework of the system defined and recognized according to the legislation of regulators.

Neither Multibank Jordan or its employees, managers, or directors provide any recommendations, guarantee Capital with fixed earning, or suggestions, or (financial, investment, or economical) advice in any form (verbal or written) to clients regarding your trading activities on trading accounts.

Multibank Jordan shall not be legally or financially responsible on any transactions occur on your trading activities, and you are solely responsible for your trades transactions and we strongly recommend not to share your log in account information and password with anyone.

Multibank Jordan don’t guarantee any profits from trading in your trading account(s), and the client is solely responsible for any losses or gains from your trading activities.

The Customer hereby declare and acknowledge his full understanding of the terms mentioned above

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