DUBAI, UAE: MultiBank Group begins the year 2021 on a strong note at the Forex Traders Summit. Mr. Naser Taher, Founder at MultiBank Group, was recognized as one of the 50 Most Influential Figures in Global Financial Markets.

Mr. Naser Taher, Founder of MultiBank Group, said, "The only constant in the global financial industry is change. At MultiBank Group, we firmly believe in reshaping and adapting to market trends. In this industry, you need to get to the future; it is the only way of getting ahead as an industry leader. On behalf of MultiBank Group, we are pleased to be recognized as specialists in the financial industry. It is a testament to our dedication and the innovative solutions we offer our clients from across the globe."

The Forex Traders Summit is known to be one of the largest and most important economic conferences in the UAE and GCC where investment funds, banks, economists, traders, and investment professionals from across the globe come to meet. With its head office in the DIFC, the MultiBank Group now operates through 21 offices in 5 continents.