September 15, 2019-

As part of its mission to expand further into the Middle East market, MultiBank Group has announced the opening of its new branch office in Kuwait. This regional office will be headed by industry professionals well versed in the Kuwait forex and financial markets, and who have deep understanding of local investors’ needs.

The MultiBank Kuwait team will work closely with the MENA office in Dubai to deliver greater transparency within forex and the financial trading community in Kuwait. In its beginning stages, MultiBank Kuwait will concentrate on Diwaniya style activities where derivatives trading is discussed in a casual way amongst attendees on a regular basis.

Hassan Aqqad, CEO of MultiBank MENA states, "It is important that we get to the investor level and communicate with them regularly through various culturally accepted avenues. Kuwait provides a nice platform in which communication is done through workshops, in-house sessions and other online means, where tools are provided to those potential investors within the country.” He further adds, "That is why we give our local clients the necessary tools and support in their language so they can trade the global markets."

With this latest addition to the MultiBank Group, the company has now over 20 offices around the world, spreading across Europe, Middle East, Asia and other regions. The Group look to continue its push for global expansion in 2020, maintaining its status as one of the leading financial brokerages for forex & CFD trading.