1. Make sure you deposit the same amount and currency to match your order.
  2. Redeposit using the same order id should not be allowed. One order Id can only deposit once.
  3. After deposit to the address above, an entire network node confirmation is required. Payment will be received after 3 network confirmations; Coin Withdrawal is permitted after 6 network confirmations.
  4. Any deposit smaller than the permitted minimum amount will not be credited and is irrecoverable.
  5. Deposit address will not be frequently changed, please make sure you copy the address assigned to your deposit
  6. Ensure the security of your computer and browser to avoid information tampering or leak.
Billing Currency:
Billing Price:
  1. Please complete payment within remaining time shown above, otherwise create a new deposit request by filling the deposit form again and follow same procedure.
  2. Please keep a copy/screenshot of the transfer for possible further verification.